2024 5th International Conference on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Engineering
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

◕ Big Data and Cloud Computing

· Models and algorithms of Big Data

· Architecture of Big Data 

· Big Data Management 

· Big Data Analysis and Processing

· Security and Privacy of Big Data    

· Big Data in Smart Cities  

· Search,  Mining and Visualization of Big Data

· Technologies,  Services and Application of Big   Data  

· Edge Computing 

· Architectures and systems of Cloud   Computing  

· Models,  Simulations, Designs,  and Paradigms of Cloud Computing

· Management and operations of Cloud Computing 

· Technologies, services and Applications of Cloud Computing 

· Dynamic resource supply and consumption  

· Management and Analysis of Geospatial Big Data 

· UAV Oblique photography and ground 3D real scene modeling 

· Aerial photography of UAV loaded with multispectral sensors

◕ Technologies & Application of AI

· Basic Theory and Application of Artificial Intelligence 

· Knowledge Science and Knowledge Engineering  

· Machine Learning and Data Mining    

· Machine Perception and Virtual Reality  

· Natural Language Processing and Understanding  

· Neural Network and Deep Learning

· Pattern Recognition Theory and Application

· Rough Set and Soft Computing 

· Biometric Identification  

· Computer Vision and Image Processing  

· Evolutionary Calculation 

· Information Retrieval and Web Search  

· Intelligent Planning and Scheduling

· Intelligent Control 

· Classification and change detection of remote sensing images or aerial images

◕ Robotics Science and Engineering

· Robot control

· Mobile robotics

· Intelligent pension robots

· Mobile sensor networks

· Perception systems

· Micro robots and micro-manipulation

· Visual serving

· Search,  rescue and field robotics

· Robot sensing and data fusion

· Indoor localization and navigation

· Dexterous manipulation

· Medical robots and bio-robotics

· Human centered systems

· Space and underwater robots

· Tele-robotics

◕ Internet of Things and Sensor Technology

· Technology architecture of Internet of things

· Sensors in Internet of things

· Perception technology of Internet of things information

· Multi terminal cooperative control and Internet of things intelligent terminal

· SDN and intelligent service network

· technology and its application in the Internet of things

· Cloud computing and big data in the Internet of things

· Information analysis and processing of Internet of things

· CPS technology and intelligent information system

· Internet of things technology standard

· Internet of things information security

· Narrow Band Internet of Things(NB-IoT)

· Smart Cities

· Smart Farming

· Smart Grids

· Digital health/Telehealth/Telemedicine